Australian Sandalwood Set

Scent Australian Sandalwood

Indigenous Australians have long known about the powerful moisturising and conditioning qualities of the Australian Sandalwood. Elders have taught us that for thousands of years they hand-crushed Australian Sandalwood Nuts with rocks, applying the extracted oil directly to their hair and skin. This nut oil has proven to be the finest natural conditioning agent found by Earth's most ancient continuous civilisation.

We blend locally sourced Australian Sandalwood Nut Oil with Patchouli, Cedarwood, Myrrh & Frankincense to create a warm, full, woodsy and spicy-sweet aroma with many therapeutic benefits.

This premium pack contains six handcrafted all natural products that contain precious Australian Sandalwood.

Our small-batch essential oil blends contain extracts of plants that were grown in our Byron Bay soil. You can't get these anywhere else.

  • Australian Sandalwood, with its smoky and enigmatic notes, evokes the serene beauty of the Australian outback. Let the scent of this precious wood envelop you, creating a sense of tranquility and harmony. (Patchouli*, Cedarwood, Myrhh, Frankincense & Australian Sandalwood*)
  • Evergreen, inspired by the lush forestry of Byron Bay, captures the essence of nature's embrace. Immerse yourself in the invigorating aroma of fresh florals and crisp green leaves. (Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Sage, Neroli, Eucalyptus*, Ginger, Lemon Ironbark*)
  • Maverick, a fragrance for the bold and adventurous, embodies the spirit of rebellion and individuality. With its unique blend of spicy notes and earthy undertones, Maverick exudes confidence and allure, making a statement wherever you go. (Sandalwood, Vetiver, Frankincense, Cardamom, Cape Chamomile, Grapefruit, Blue Cypress*)

* = Organic locally grown

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Bought together

- Beard Oil: Nourish and hydrate your beard and face, promoting softness and shine.
- Beard Balm: Sculpt and style your beard with ease while keeping it nourished and tamed.
- Moustache Wax: Craft the perfect moustache style with our firm-hold wax, designed to keep your moustache impeccably groomed.
- Deodorant: Smell invigoratingly fresh all-day.
- Body Oil: Leave your skin feeling indulgent and silky-smooth.
- Cologne: Experience the allure of premium natural fragrance.

Each item in the Slick Australian Sandalwood Set is a testament to natural excellence. Handcrafted amidst the tranquil beauty of Byron Bay, this collection is an ode to nature's bounty. Our products are all natural with locally sourced organic ingredients and are handcrafted.

Slick is dedicated to preserving our planet's beauty. Our aluminium tins are recyclable, our bottles and packaging are plastic free, and our local ingredient sourcing supports Australian farmers.